My picks for Worlds

Can't sleep and don't really know why. So has an article with the editor's picks for Worlds at the black belt level.

Here are my picks

My predictions:

Roosterweight Final: Bruno Malfacine vs Felipe Costa
Champion: Bruno Malfacine

Light Featherweight Final: Guilherme Mendes vs Samuel Braga
Champion: Guilherme Mendes

Featherweight Final: Cobrinha vs Rafael Mendes
Champion: Cobrinha

Lightweight Final: Michael Langhi vs Jonathan Torres
Champion: Michael Langhi

Middleweight Final: Marcelo Garcia vs Kayron Gracie
Champion: Marcelo Gracia

Medium heavyweight Final: Tarsis Humphreys vs Eduardo Telles
Champion: Eduardo Telles(keep sleeping you'll see)

Heavyweight Final: Braulio Estima vs Bernardo Faria
Champion: Braulio Estima

Super Heavyweight Final: Roger Gracie vs Ricardo Demente
Champion: Roger Gracie

Ultra Heavyweight Final: Gabriel Vella vs Rodrigo Cavaca
Champion: Garbriel Vella

Black Belt Absolute Final: Roger Gracie vs Xande Ribeiro
Champion: Roger Gracie

I don't think any of these picks need to be explained. Except for maybe the telles pick. Barral is plagued with injuries(according to Graciemag) so his conditioning could be suspect and telles is finally fighting in the right weight class I think. And we all know he has the skills to suprise. You don't get offered a DVD deal from WMA w/o serious skills. Plus, he's my BJJ idol(w/o turtle I'd be trash) I want to see him on top.

Oh and in case you didn't know Terere is back as of Worlds 2011. Whoop Terere, Whoop Terere!!!

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  1. I donated some cash to the Terere rehab fund via paypal. I would be really excited to see him make a healthy comeback.

  2. me too georgette. I can't wait on his comeback. I'm like a teenage girl waiting to get into the concert headlined by her favorite boy band.(yes, I just said that and no I'm not ashamed of it; I'm a TT BJJ mark what can I say) I love watching him compete. It's like poetry in motion beautiful stuff. Nino Schembri(you want a good omoplata study this guy seriously) is coming back too, he said he'll try to make this Worlds but he'll definitely be at next years. Black belt competition just keeps getting better and better. I'll be up there with those guys someday.


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