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My name is Romeo Barnes. I'm an author and a BJJ black belt with cerebral palsy. This blog is about my life balancing existence in two worlds. My latest book, My World is now available Glad you're here, enjoy the journey.


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New Book Available

The book is done. Time to get back on the mats It’s my latest poetry collection. My World is an expression of love and relationships in all their forms. It speaks to my growth as both a writer and a person. You can purchase My World here:


If you've been following this blog for a while now then you know i'm a huge player of a few different TCGs. I stream them from time to time. If there is one thing streaming has taught me, it's that consistency key. My stream schedule isn't set yet when it is finally set it will be posted here. I will make Twitter announcements when I go live so if want experience another side of me follow me at

Where I've been

I haven't done this blogging thing in a little over 4 months. What have I been doing all this time you ask?
Just after finishing my last book, which was released in August, when I was preparing to return to the mat I found out my coach Maguilla retired and shut down operations. While searching for another school I picked up streaming to cure the boredom(check out tomorrow's post to learn more about that). I had to continue the online promotion of my current product. I have been discussions about starting my own website(more on that as it develops). All while completing my first novel(which if you've been following this blog you have gotten a sneak preview of already) and my Associate's Degree in Business Administration.

My 2019 goal is simple prepare everything so that my school and publishing company are running by 2020. I still want my Black Belt World title and my spot on New York Times best-seller list, but those are smaller goal in a much bigger plan. The are the…