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My name is Romeo Barnes. I'm an author and a BJJ black belt with cerebral palsy. This blog is about my life balancing existence in two worlds. My latest book, My World is now available Glad you're here, enjoy the journey.


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A video from a few years ago now.

Travel for BJJ

Happy New Year to all. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. With 2020 now upon us let’s talk about something the BJJ community rarely talks about, travel, and how to do it effectively.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am the true definition of a homebody. Therefore, when I travel it must be related to something I’m interested in or work of some sort aka a seminar or the tournament circuit. Otherwise I’m just not going to be motivated enough to do it. Long car rides and 8-hour plane trips without some sort of re-up or compensation on the other side just isn’t appealing to me. As ruthless, cold, and business-like as that sounds it’s the truth.
So how do we do it:
1) Plan Ahead- Don’t spend hours in your car to end up somewhere with nothing to do. You’ll only end up walking around aimlessly or in your room and let’s face it you can be in your room at home. My mom has this issue of planning trips with nothing to do which is why I am the way I am. At least that’s part of the reasoning. Thi…

New Book Available

The book is done. Time to get back on the mats It’s my latest poetry collection. My World is an expression of love and relationships in all their forms. It speaks to my growth as both a writer and a person. You can purchase My World here: