My picks for Worlds-ladies edition

I did it for guys so I can't leave out the ladies.

Light Featherweight: Leticia Ribeiro vs Michelle Nicolini
Champion: Leticia Ribeiro
Notes:This is a rematch of 2009, Michelle Nicolini has switched from Drysdale BJJ to Checkmat it'll be interesting to see if her game has changed thanks to Leo and the rest of the guys over there. That being said the GH women's team is an amazing team and letty is a 2x champ I don't see a reason why she won't get a 3rd title this year.

Featherweight: Bianca Andrade vs Ana Michelle Dantas
Champion: Bianca Andrade
Note: Let's see if she'll give us another 30-second armbar like she did in 2009.

Lightweight: Luanna Alzuguir vs Kyra Gracie
Champion: Luanna Alzuguir

Middleweight: Hillary Williams vs Luiza Monteiro
Champion: Hillary Williams
Note: Hanette Stack is out; If either Beatriz Mesquita or Luanna Alzuguir fight as middleweight instead of lightweight Hillary Williams takes home a silver medal

Medium Heavyweight: Penny Thomas vs Valerie Worthington
Champion: Penny Thomas
Note: 2009 finals rematch

Heavyweight: Gabrielle Garcia vs Lana Stefanac
Champion: Gabrielle Gracia
Note: ADCC Pro rematch

Absolute: Lana Stefanac vs Gabrielle Garcia
Champion: Gabrielle Garcia
Note: If Lana faces anyone else in either final she wins but I just don't she her beating Gabi.

Until next time!!!


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