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cerebral palsy athlete Romeo Barnes(that Never quit's)

A video from a few years ago now.

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My name is Romeo Barnes. I'm an author and a BJJ black belt with cerebral palsy. This blog is about my life balancing existence in two worlds. My latest book, My World is now available Glad you're here, enjoy the journey.
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The Wheelifeshow- Episode 4 Mental Health Social Disorders Representativ...

New Podcast

I've been away working on many things including this podcast for nearly a year. The Wheelife Show is a podcast for the disabled community and gives us voice to us. The podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, Pocket Casts and will air weekly on youtube. Check out the promo here:

The Right Gi

Picking the right gi is something that isn't talked about enough. You spend hours a week in them. Therefore, having the one that's right for you is super important and with so many brands out there it can be hard to pick one. So, you how do you decide? Well, there are a few things consider: 1) What is the main purpose of the gi? If you read my last post earlier this week, I alluded to the fact that different gis have different purposes. Practice/training and Competition. Competition gis tend to be the absolute perfect fit for the competitor. Snug to the body and very light. You want to be able to move freely but you also want your opponent to have a tough time getting and holding grips. These gis must be very comfortable and something you’re okay with wearing all day. Training gis tend to be a bit thicker for multiple reasons easier gripping for your partners which means you get practice grip breaking with a slight increase in difficulty. This thickness also makes them idea

Travel for BJJ

Happy New Year to all. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. With 2020 now upon us let’s talk about something the BJJ community rarely talks about, travel, and how to do it effectively. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the true definition of a homebody. Therefore, when I travel it must be related to something I’m interested in or work of some sort aka a seminar or the tournament circuit. Otherwise I’m just not going to be motivated enough to do it. Long car rides and 8-hour plane trips without some sort of re-up or compensation on the other side just isn’t appealing to me. As ruthless, cold, and business-like as that sounds it’s the truth. So how do we do it: 1) Plan Ahead- Don’t spend hours in your car to end up somewhere with nothing to do. You’ll only end up walking around aimlessly or in your room and let’s face it you can be in your room at home. My mom has this issue of planning trips with nothing to do which is why I am the way I am. At least that’s part of the reasoning. Thi

2020 Goals

1) Improve Branding 2) Start my building search for my school 3) Get back to social media 4) Open my school 5) Open my publishing company 6) Publish my novel and begin the next one

Gi vs No-Gi

Which one should I train? It baffles me that Gi vs No-Gi is still a discussion. Not only that but when this is actually discussed it's always by no-gi advocates discussing why the gi is bad. The Gi advocate is never part of this discussion. I'll break down the usual points given for each and give a final opinion. Gi: -Makes your defense better -More offense -Superior leverage -Leverage is easier to get and maintain No-Gi: -Faster -Not everything from the translates -Gi guys get smashed in MMA -More street applicable Synopsis: The truth is all of these statements are correct if you look at BJJ in segments. Every BJJ athlete who has won a title in MMA, particularly in the UFC has been graded in the gi. Everything that is important translates. BJJ is about body mechanics and efficiency, that has nothing to do with Gi vs No-gi that is the athlete not being able to translate his or her skill effectively. It's not that "wrist control is bad" which a ph


If you've been following this blog for a while now then you know i'm a huge player of a few different TCGs. I stream them from time to time. If there is one thing streaming has taught me, it's that consistency key. My stream schedule isn't set yet when it is finally set it will be posted here. I will make Twitter announcements when I go live so if want experience another side of me follow me at