Lots of us couldn't imagine life without training and would train every day if we could. We'd compete every weekend there was a tournament and travel to all IBJJF regional opens, so we could be ready to compete in the Big 4 when they arrive. Are there guys that do that? Yes. However, most of us can't. And even those that do that, go about the process in a very calculated manner. This to make sure they reach their optimum performance level also known as peak at the perfect time for the event with as minimal burnout as possible, of course no burnout is the preferred result. This involves the athlete doing nothing related to their sport 24 hours prior. This is because we don't actually get stronger while training we get stronger by resting after an intense workout, muscle fibers thicken as they repair themselves. Therefore, they get bigger and us by default stronger. It is rest and recovery that makes us stronger not the act exercise itself. This is also true for the learning process as we can't learn why or how while doing something. Why and how are what "learn" whereas "muscle memory" is something our brains create due to the creation of new neuropathways made by repeating the same activity. It very similar to walking. Our brains walk to the couch and we just do it because our brain already knows how.

What does this have to with taking breaks?

As I said recovery is how our muscles get stronger. The same is true for the maturity of neuropathways. I take a break whenever I am writing a. book they are generally very long, 3-5 months depending on book length and subject. In the case of novels I take a break when it is ready for the publishing process to be completed. It is sometimes longer than the previously stated 3-5 months as publishing itself is very demanding. It's for this reason that I train during the writing process for novels. It allows me to come back with a clean slate almost as a white belt. There is a saying you never learn something until you teach it. That forces you explain how something works and why that is so. This requires a full maturity of the neuropathway involved with whatever the skill is and the fastest and most effective ways to develop those is rest.

So enjoy your breaks not only will they heal your body but the reflection will make things much clearer than they are.

Until next time.


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