Train like an animal

"Find your animality." One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies of all time, Mortal Kombat, Night Wolf said that to Liu Kang when he was helping prepare to fight Shao Kahn. Now what does this have to do with us as bjj guys and gals? Well, everything after all we are animals. When I say train like an animal I don't mean do an hour long conditioning circuit and then go to technique class and spar on full blast for 2 hours after class is over. What I mean is to literally train like an animal. When you spar pick a wild animal and spar like that animal would if it knew BJJ. Some greats have been compared to animals. Jacare literally means Alligator(although it speaks of a particular type of alligator) in Portuguese. Eduardo Telles says on his DVD that he's kind of lazy guy so that's part of the reason he fights from turtle guard. Next time you go roll pick an animal and mimic the way it moves you can be slow and tight like a Boa or fast like a cheetah. The only animal I would advise against for this is a sloth for obvious reason. This will give you a great sense of body awareness, timing, pressure, and most importantly the way YOUR body moves. Remember, even though the principles of movement are universal we all move differently. Try this out let me know how it works for you.


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