One thing I've always been is a coach's athlete. Even back in my track and field days, whatever my coach said I did. When I first came to Maguilla's back in November 2008 as a white belt I rolled super aggressively. This is the way I was trained by my first coach Lloyd Irvin who I was with from August 2005 until February 2006. Who always teaches get off first or you will lose because speed kills. So after my year and 8 month long hiatus I immediately fell back into the speed kills mindset. In April 2009, Maguilla and I had a conversation he said to me something I'll never forget. He said "Every round with you is like the 1st round of ADCC, slow down it's a journey not a sprint." This was way of making sure I didn't hurt myself or someone else. A month after this I got my blue belt. During this time, I would give taps to anyone who obtained and held a dominate position. A year after I got my blue belt I received my purple belt(May 2010) I was ready to turn my training up again when it was announced that I would surgery later in the year that's why I decided compete in the GrapplersQuest US Nationals in 2010 which I lost by triangle choke. After that I toned down my training so I could prepare to leave the mat in September. I didn't start training again until February 2011 due to complications from the surgery. Now fast forward to February 2012 and even though I'm a black belt, I feel like a white belt all over again trying to find that balance between aggression and the technicality of timing. It's just proof that BJJ is a never-ending journey and there's always something learn.


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