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I try very hard to keep politics off this blog as politics bore the fuck out of me and this IS NOT AND NEVER will be a political blog. However, this is issue I must speak on as it affects me directly. That issue is Gay Marriage(on a side note I hate the term Gay it's so negative, SGL fits me better and it is what I perfer, but for the sake of this post I'll use the term gay) . Why is it that I have to wait on stupid suits in Annapolis(State level) and on Capital Hill(Federal/National level) to "approve" of my love for my partner. That's essentially what this signing will be considering this is not a safety act. Marriage is a civil right awarded by the simple fact that we live in America. "All Men Are Created Equal" remember that it means we're all entitled to the same thing. It's a shame that as it stands now if my partner and I adopt children and something happens to one of us the kids get nothing and if my partner gets sick I can't be his bedside in the hospital. There are 1,000+ rights awarded to married couples that the law says I can't have(seriously, 1,000+ look it up) that's bullshit. The sole reason laws exist is the protection of the citizens not to deny them.

Here are some reasons they say gay people shouldn't get married:
1)Homosexuality isn't natural.
My friend please watch Animal Planet
2) The Bible doesn't approve
So everyone in America is Christian? Did freedom of religion get taken away?
3) Gay people will raise gay children
Check this out, both my parents are straight
4) A child needs the influence of both the male and female parent in the home.
So single parents all suck and shouldn't be allowed to marry/re-marry by those standards.
This is my personal favorite:
5) We must protect the sancitity of marriage.
The divorce is rate 50%, I'd say that means you guys are doing a pretty good job keeping it nice and Holy.

Oh let's not forget their favorite line:
It's o.k. to have those feelings, you just can't act on them.

So I can't fall in love and I should just live as a celibate recluse.
Sorry, folks that's not happening if for no other reason than I love BJJ too much being around people is kinda a prerequiste to BJJ and refuse to lie to myself and date girls I did that until I was 17, it didn't work too well as you can by the subject of this post.

Quite frankly, what we do in our bedrooms isn't your business, so why do you care so much?

All we want are rights we should already have as human beings. Parents how would feel if say, your son who happened to be gay was murdered beaten to death by some guys and you tried to get the hate crime charge the DA tells you no there's not enough evidence. The perps get off with 8-10 for manslaughter instead of LIFE for murder. That happens everyday because there are no laws protecting us. Marriage is the first step to total equality. People please open your minds.


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