Back in Action

I got to train for the first time since september on saturday morning. I was just so happy to be able to do what I love again, I took it slow so I didn't stress out my body. A lot of people don't know from september 10th(3 days after my intial surgery) to december 20th(the date of my pump removal) I was completely immobile due to pain from an infection. Moving hurt so much I just stopped. In between all this my wound wouldn't stay closed so there were multiple ER visits to restitch it followed by a wound washout surgery to prevent infection. It was during the wound washout procedure that my infection was discovered. The washout didn't work as the infection migrated back toward my spine so the pump had to come out. So I actually had three surgeries not just one. So as I said, I was just happy to be there, actively practicing BJJ was a blessing all its own. My goal is the same as always: A black belt world title the purple and brown are icing on the cake. Don't get me wrong I want all the purple and brown belt titles I can get but in the grand scheme of things those do nothing more than look nice after their time has passed. You still have to prove yourself by medaling at the black belt level.

My journey has officially restarted.


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