Writing Woes

As I lie in bed at the beginning of what is my seventh day in bed I'm still bored out of my mind just as I tweeted last night, and I don't mean bored as in I have nothing to do. Even without BJJ there's lots to do more poetry, a novel, marketing it all. The issue here is having the drive to do that last task. I love writing and I love talking about money and anything that makes me money. However, most don't realize that you market you're actually talking about yourself in the connection between you and whatever you are selling. I am horrible at talking about myself and effectively communicating my emotions. Maybe, that's why I am a writer all the greats had crazy amounts of turmoil Hughes, Angelou, Baldwin, all the greats. But I digress, in BJJ, there's a lot of return for your investment there's the submission, the grading system, titles, and just the fact that of knowing you can control anyone just because you want to. In writing, not so much. Writing in your notebook is great, just you and your notebook really serene. But when you start dishing out cash to achieve your dreams like I have and that money isn't coming back to you that's when things get dicey.

Is it my destiny to be a notebook writer or will my career reach the next level?


  1. Hey - I've been where you are, but you just have to believe it will come. Nothing [worth having or achieving] will come easy to most people. If writing is what you enjoy,-- no bump that b/c even WRITING gets on my nerves, it can be a TEDIOUS task- BUT I love telling st ories for tv/film and stage, and WRITING is a part of that process to get the story told. So if you enjoy touching people with a great message, with art and telling great stories, then KEEP AT IT. You have purpose!

    I have a Getting Started on the Web e-book series that can help with your marketing. As soon as I get it packaged I'll contact with a free download for the book for Writers. It's a THANK YOU for posting on my blog! Just REMIND ME


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