Time off

I am now eight days away from surgery. I'm going in to get my baclofen pump replaced as the battery runs out every seven years. This is a relatively minor surgery as it is a replacement and as a result the recover should be smooth. I had the pump installed over a decade ago now to help treat my spasticity caused by my cerebral palsy since then, it has worked wonders for my spasticity and mobility I've had one replacement before back in '03 was pretty chill, a month of absolutely nothing. The difference between then and now, BJJ wasn't part of my life. Initally, when I was told I'd be out of training for a month I was pretty sure one of two things happened, my doctor had went completely insane or my hearing was officially screwed up and then I realized he was serious. I almost cried as this essentially puts me out of competition for the rest of the year.

However, in retrospect, this might actually be a good thing. I'll only miss 3 IBJJF events: American Nationals, No-Gi Pan, No-Gi Worlds and 2 local tournaments: GQ MD and NAGA MD and that means when I come back to training I can focus on my real goal ADCC Pro 2011 exclusively and then Worlds after that.

During my time off I'll catch up on some writing projects I have to work on my first novel and I have to get started on Emotions volume 3.

I'll be on here and twitter to update you guys throughout the recovery process.


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