BJJ in MMA 4: Silva vs. Sonnen

Well UFC 117: Silva vs Sonnen, as far as the main event goes there isn't much to talk to about. That's because shonnen carried out perfectly. He got close let anderson(silva) commit to strikes and took him down with a double leg takedown and controlled from the top, he did this twenty minutes. The problem with that is championship fights are twenty-five minutes(5, 5-minute rounds). Last round, Anderson locks a triangle from guard and gets the armbar on the inside arm to finish the fight. That's right the same move that finished Fedor. Seriously, if you haven't seen this fight order the replay, check your buddy's DVR, do something this one is a MUST SEE. Glad Silva won shows the power of BJJ.

In each of the five televised a Brazilian fighter fought an American fighter giving a sub-plot of USA vs. Brazil, the USA won 3-2.


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