Earlier this week it was announced that I will be promoted to Blue Belt as of Saturday.The announcement made me reflect upon the realization of my current stage in life. When I first went to Maguilla BJJ my previous training had my head big I went from training with one of the top teams in the Mid-Alantic region to a much lesser-known team as far as names and publicity go. So didn't attempt to submit other white belts in sparring the way I should have. Instead, I chose to teach them what I know. This led to really bad sparring session in which I learned nothing. I have only had 1 full year of mat time. Due to having to find a new school I took two years and eight months off and pretty much lived on Youtube watching big tournaments and scences from instructionals to decide which ones I actually wanted to purchase. The point is you can prepare mentally as much as you want but nothing beats doing it, and more importantly, doing it whole-heartedly. That said, I have a new mindset that will last the rest of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition career: "TAP EVERYONE". I have to prove that I deserve what I have been awarded.

On the other side of the fence, my book's been available since April 24th. Sales seem to be moving really slow if at all. I would've expected at least one review(good or bad) from my inner circle by now but it hasn't happened as they don't seem to be purchasing the book. I just received my press release today I hope to get it into The Washington Post along with a review of my book. With regional exposure things can only go up.

Thats all for now folks. GrapplersQuest is June 27th-28th I really need to focus. Morristown,NJ Come out support me, the event, and the sport. for more info


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