Collection of poetry reveals how emotions can heal pain

Emotions: The Beginning of Turmoil by Romeo Barnes is the first in a poetry series that explores how creative expression can mend lives

SUITLAND, Md.–Emotions: The Beginning of Turmoil by Romeo Barnes is a poetry collection that celebrates the healing power writing can have when dealing with the difficulties in life.

Romeo Barnes was born with cerebral palsy. One dark night, when he was contemplating suicide, he began to write poems about his pain, and it was then he realized he has a creative voice and something to offer the world. This collection, Emotions: The Beginning of Turmoil, is what Barnes calls “the deepest release of his thoughts and feelings.”

In poem after poem, Barnes explores how people can only be who and what they are, and to deny it is to face more difficulties in life. Using his life experiences as fodder for the poems, Barnes’
writing offers sage advice. Acting happy when you are sad can affect your well- being and others, he suggests. Denying the heart, soul and mind can block happiness. Loneliness, fear and the struggle for love are all explored in poem after poem, as Barnes intends to show readers they are not alone and that everyone struggles with the human condition.

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at Emotions: The Beginning of Turmoil is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide


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