Sunday is usually my off day and don't train at all. And while I didn't train in a physical sense yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about a technique I learned Saturday, or should I say a technique I got a refresher course on Saturday. I learned the toe hold a few years back but always felt it would be a limited technique for me since I can't really control a person's leg with my legs. Boy am I happy to say I was wrong. The setup I learned Saturday came off my favorite sweep and didn't involve me using my legs for control in any way. Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy store. I can obtain dominate position and secure what is becoming my best leglock all in one motion and on top of that I don't have to use my legs what more could I want? Then while daydreaming I came to a game-changing conclusion, the conclusion being, almost every sweep(reversal from bottom position to top position) that involves leg control will give you a toe hold once the sweep complete this is because of the way the toe hold itself is applied. I call moments like that "golden moments". I will definitely be looking through every available resource for toe hold setups for at least the next three weeks.

The moral of the story is whatever your craft may be you will never learn everything about it. So leave from to grow and keep an open mind you never know when you'll have a "golden moment".


  1. i like that ending. because there's always something else/new to learn or improve upon!


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