People who know me know I'm very passionate about two things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and storytelling. Storytelling is the reason I decided to take the leap into writing novels. It's also the reason I'm able to enjoy professional wrestling even though I'm older in spite of the fact that the writing in most American promotions is total shit right now(and one in particular has the wrong guy at the top of the card). The in-ring storytelling is still amazing. Watch the 30-min ironman match between Bailey and Sasha Banks from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn for proof of this. It can be found on WWE network for those interested.(Vince you're welcome)

This is predominately a BJJ blog, so you're probably confused right now. You're probably asking, "What does storytelling have to do with BJJ?"

Well let's break down a story then it'll make sense. Every good story has 5 parts- Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Denouncement. Any really good BJJ match is like a story(if I'm competing I'd make it a short story preferably), it's a story of the scientific decimation of another person through the use athleticism and knowledge of bio-mechanics. Let's breakdown how this happens.

Exposition- This is this very beginning of the story. We establish who our main characters are and let the reader know what journey the principal main character(1st main) is going on and why.

In BJJ: This is the staredown/hand slap and the first to establish grips.

Rising Action: This is when things get murky our main character encounters the first issue they face. This usually involves the introduction of a new adversary

In BJJ: This is the part of the match where the dominate grip you established allows you initiate the major position of the match. Think getting in on the single leg.

Climax: This is the section of the story where an event happens that changes the course of the story.

In BJJ: This is the completion of the guard pass or that sweep that gives you the mount.

Falling action: This is actual act of securing the guard pass or mount we spoke of in the previous section.

Denouncement: This is the finish. The character resolves the main issue of the story and everything is wrapped.

In BJJ: This is the finalization of the submission.

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