Ok I was gonna post a bunch of stuff about the day at NAGA but something amazing happened last night. So for those of you who still want the report here's the short version I lost 2-0.

Now onto what happened last night. It was promotion night and I got promoted to Black Belt!!! Now to those of you who follow me on facebook and/or twitter this isn't news as I posted it to both sites last night. This post is not meant to brag or shove this fact down any reader's throat. In truth, my journey is just starting because now part 2 of my plan must begin. I've had 3 goals since I began Jiu-Jitsu get my black belt, win the World Title at black belt, and finally make sure all the kids who are stuck in therapy and in constant pain can use the martial arts as an outlet like I have if they choose to. Winning a world title will give me the resources to achieve my final goal and start my foundation for the kids, so now I must focus on that.

This post is meant to do what every other post on this blog does document my training and help me evaluate myself. I hope this is inspiration for the next guy or girl that comes down the pipe.


  1. Congratulations on your promotion :)

  2. Thanks georgette. Getting the belt the way I did was absolutely amazing. Going from purple to black is something only 6 people now have ever done. My training partner being number 6. We both got our black belts on the same day. The other 4 include World Champion Fredson Paixao youtube.


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