Time to catch up

Ok so I'm back folks No-Gi Worlds was a little over two weeks ago. However, we have to talk about the biggest No-Gi event in the world first ADCC which happened in late September. Andre Galvao dominated ADCC winning his weight class and the open division defeating Pablo Popovitch by toe hold in the open divison final. Vinny Magalhaes probably took top spot for moment of the weekend though, with an incredible armbar escape against Fabrico Werdum on his way to winning the heavyweight division of ADCC 2011. An escape you can check out on budovideos youtube page or better yet watch the stream replay on budovideos.com.

To recap No-Gi Worlds here are the black belt finals results:
Rooster-Winner: Brandon Mullins
Light Feather-Winner: Caio Terra
Feather-Winner: Cobrinha
Lightweight-Winner: Lucas Lepri
Middleweight-Winner: Victor Estima
Medium Heavy-Winner: Rafael Lavoto, Jr
Heavyweight-Winner: Lucas Leite
Super Heavy-Winner: Marcus Vinicius
Ultra Heavy-Winner: Cyborg
Absolute-Winner:Marcus Vinicius(closed with Joao Assis)
Feather-Winner: Michelle Nicolini
Lightweight-Winner: Beatriz Mesquita
Middleweight-Winner: Rachael Leigh
Heavy-Winner: Emily Wetzel
Absolute-Winner:Michelle Nicolini


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