US Grappling report

So I promised a report here it is:

I weigh-in Friday night around 6:20pm I weighed in 135 pounds don't ask how because I still don't know. That puts me in US Grappling's Roosterweight class. I had elected earlier in the month to just do my weight division in the only. I didn't want to do too much because this was my first tournament since my surgery. (I usually compete in Featherweight not Roosterweight, their scales were REALLY REALLY nice) There was only one other guy in rooster a guy I used to train with when I first started at Maguilla's.(Really long story) We start on the knees, he gets lapel and cross sleeve grips and pulls closed guard. I immediately drop levels to go for the Tozi pass I get to half guard, gaining an advantage. He gets back to full guard we do this for about 3 minutes, though it felt much longer. Then he attacks a triangle as I fail to re-pummel I stack pass effectively getting the 3 points. I'm up 3-0 at this point with lots of advantages. He escapes before I begin anything offensive. We go back to our closed guard/half cycle for about 1 minute while in his half this time I swept as I attempt to pass score:3-2. At this point I'm thinking " No knee on belly, no mount I did everything I could to crowd that space. Which is really hard to do without your legs just so you know. I scramble to top turtle then something happened and I fell thus ending on the bottom of turtle. I had to go for the takedown i couldn't play the slow turtle game and risk a back take. I couldn't get the takedown but I manage to off balance and get back to top turtle. With about 45 seconds left I attempted a darce choke but couldn't finish.

Final score:3-2 Result: Win

Pros: win

Cons: Stuck in half guard, no finish

Things to work on: Half-guard passing

BTW: Team Maguilla pulled 8 eight medals on the day


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