it's now 1:30am i have thirty minutes before I can take my meds and go to sleep then up for 10am practice. I've been doing a lot of research on hip strength, hip flexibility, and hip explosion. After all, the hips are, along with the core the most important tools in movement. Not just grappling but general movement getting out of bed without using your hips is harder than you think. Try it then hit me up on twitter or leave a comment and tell me how it went and you can't log roll because that's way too easy. The thing is in BJJ your hips are EVERYTHING. Your hips give that explosion for your takedowns, that pop needed for your hip bump sweep and triangles from guard. Interesting thing is the hips themselves have nothing to do with any of those aforementioned actions. The muscles in the posterior chain do all the real work, those are the muscles that run alongside your through the buttocks and down the back of the knee including your abductors and hamstrings. When coach says use your hips he means use the muscles in your posterior chain proactively. Strengthen this region of the body and everything becomes better it's that simple.

I find it crazy that it's taken me this long to actually learn about conditioning. I guess since track was upper body specificI really didn't need conditioning, I just needed technical refining since I use my upper body all the time or I didn't realize I was doing a conditioning workout.

Until next time.

Try the challenge if you dare: Get out of bed without use of your hips. The log roll is not allowed.


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