Worlds Recap

Ok guys Worlds just ended we'll have a lot of memories from 2011. From Kron's fantasic comeback win in the semis of the lightweight division to Gilbert Burns crying after his championship victory over the arforementioned Kron and the very emotional speech that accompanied the tears, that admittedly almost made me cry. Not to mention Leitica Ribero's steriod speech.

Here are your 2011 Men's Black Belt World Champions

Rooster: Bruno Malfacine def. Caio Terra-pts

Light Feather- Gui Mendes closed out with Ary Faris title given to Gui

Feather- Rafael Mendes def. Augusto Mendes- advantages

Light- Gilbert Burns def. Kron Gracie-pts

Middle- Marcelo Garcia def Lucas Leite-pts

Meduim Heavy- Sergio Moraes def Romulo Barral-pts

Heavy- Rodolfo Vieira def Bernardo Faria-pts

Super Heavy- Leonardo Noguera def. Marcus de Almeida(aka Marcus Vinicus)-advantages

Ultra Heavy- Antonio Braga Neto def. Rodrigo Cavaca-pts

Open Weight- Rodolfo Vieira def Bernardo Faria-pts

Correct on 6 out 8 champions.

Male Team Title- Alliance with 127 points.

Female 2011 World Champions

Light Feather- Leticia Ribero def Nyjah Easton-pts

Feather- Michelle Nicolini def. Kyra Gracie-pts

Light- Luanna Alzuguir def. Luiza Moneitro-back choke

Middle- Hannette Staack def. Ida Hansson-flying armbar

Medium Heavy- Talita Nogueira def. Penny Thomas-pts

Heavy-Gabrielle Garcia def. Emily Wetzel-choke

Open- Gabrielle Garcia def. Beatriz Mesquita-pts

So there it is a quick recap of Worlds 2011. If you missed any of the finals action will have a replay available in the coming weeks. Follow budovideos on twitter @budovideos for updates on the replay and other really cool stuff.

See you guys next time


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