BJJ in MMA: UFC 129

While there was little offensive BJJ on the card bar the flying triangle by Pablo Garza everyone will talk about Monday at work(at least they should be, which I won't break down as it was a prelim fight, Pablo also broke it down in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan the short of it is the one in, one out principle was followed perfectly). That was mainly due to time and missed oppurtunities Mark Bocek was the blatant offender of missed submission chances, he missed a guillotine because he missed the leg control and he used prime heel hook chances as sweeps instead of finishing the heel hook. While the leglock as a sweep principle is great for BJJ in MMA I say always finish the leglock. Here's why:

In BJJ, when you complete a leglock that was used as a sweep you end up in passing position once on top 95% of the time meaning you basically have 5 points in your pocket if you get good at this concept(2 for the sweep and 3 for the pass). In MMA, there is no running score and honestly, most MMA judges are too dumb to realize your leglock caused the sweep so if your opponent scrambles out they won't score it. Plain and simple if you're on the bottom in MMA you have to finish for your offense to count as a result you must finish the leglock.

Since we didn't get to see much of Aldo's BJJ(Which honestly saddens me a bit, because it's amazing if you haven't seen it you're missing something really special) or Shields' BJJ albeit through no fault of their own, that does it for main card BJJ at UFC 129.

that's it for now folks


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