Guest Blog- A new direction for 2011

This post is for all the aspiring writers out there. It was written by my friend and fellow author Kandie Delley. Kandie is the author of Curtains: The Collective Works, which is available on her website

Although getting a book published is definitely a dream come true, I have to say, I'm extremely excited about this turning point in my literary career. In 2011, I will move into fiction with screenwriting and novel writing- a move that has been challenging yet fulfilling.

Novel writing allows you to dive into your characters: the back story, the story arc, plots, and subplots -grabbing details about their surroundings and expressions- showing versus telling. It means having narrative that is just as engaging as the dialogue. Creative Writers also need to learn to write tight.

On the other hand, screenwriting affords me the chance to focus on the action, the urgency of dialogue and the transformation of words from script to screen; taking storytelling to a new place of collaboration and interpretation.

I always develop my stories from what I know from personal challenges, joys and sorrow. I even include experiences from actual vacations in my stories such as my trips to Paris, France and Cozumel will be in upcoming books.

Just knowing that I have a story that no one else is designed to tell but me, keeps me purposeful. Several years ago, a co-worker gave me a card with a quote by Toni Morrison: “If there’s a story you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

That was so profound to me.I want people to be entertained but also feel engaged, as if they are on the page with my characters, walking in their footsteps.

So next year is very pivotal for me: the start of a new year, a new decade, new goals and a new direction in my storytelling.

To learn more about Kandie, visit her website; you can also follow her on twitter @kdelley.


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