BJJ in MMA 3 Lesnar vs. Carwin

Sorry this is so late but the work for the publication and marketing of Emotions Volume 2 is in full swing so a lot of things are behind.

By now everyone knows how it went down, but in case you've been living under a rock here's a quick recap

Round 1: Carwin comes out hard and fast gets through with a straight right and drops Lesnar with what I believe was an uppercut lands in half-guard against the cage and pounds on Lesnar for four minutes after that.
Round ends

Round 2: Carwin's dead tired and throws a sloppy jab brock ducks and hits a textbook double leg lands in half-guard and passes to mount(carwin's half-guard was wide open) locks an arm triangle jumps off mount turns the corner and gets the tap.

Fight Analysis:
1) Always, Always, Always, Always get the dominate position. The sole reason that fight was not stopped in round 1 is because Carwin sat in the half-guard and didn't clear Lesnar's arms to get free shots. Passing to side mount or mount puts the fighter in a worse position thus, making it easier to clear the arms(due to the increased leverage you get from going straight down) gravity only pulls in straight lines people.

2) Throw body shots this is pretty self-explanatory but I'll say this there's a reason every boxing coach on the planet says "break the body down and the head will follow" It's the same in BJJ sweeps set up submissions why do think the upa/hip bump sweep to triangle works so well? It's because you make the opponent give it away it's the exact same principle as the body-head attack used in boxing.

3) Energy conversation- Carwin should have given up on the strikes after a minute he blew all his energy trying to get the knockout instead of securing the top of the half-guard and advancing to a dominate position where he could strike more effectively and use his strikes to set up submissions. It's just like being in a bjj tournament and you are down by two points playing guard after being swept he has 1 advantage to your 0 there are 45 seconds left you manage to snag a triangle but you get the proper angle instead you just pull the head squeeze your legs together as tightly as you can thus sapping your thighs of energy faster than a lightning bolt hits the ground. Even if you get the tap do you really expect to win your next match? You'd be lucky if you can stand to go get back on the mat without some serious cramping in your legs, let alone win. Technical skill and proper bio-mechanics are always better than brute force.


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