BJJ in MMA 2

Since Werdum beat Fedor with BJJ just last night just like he said he would, I figured it was a good time to post the second installment of BJJ in MMA. However, before I get into that I must say, I'm glad Fedor finally lost because now people have to admit what has been true for years. Fedor was never really that good especially if we're speaking from a technical standpoint he just has crazy power and extremely explosive hips. Wild looping punches thrown from behind your ass and leaning backwards while cranking a kimura in half-guard with your legs together no less is NOT technical in the slightest. No good instructor in boxing or BJJ will allow either of those things to happen.

On to the fight analysis:
Fight starts after some circling Fedor hits Werdum with one of those crazy shots. Werdum falls and Fedor throws another looping into Werdum's guard, Werdum grabs the (now inside) arm and sucks Fedor into triangle slowly adjusting and transitioning to the armbar when needed. Getting the tap @ 1:09 of the 1st round with triangle/armbar combo submission. Though any BJJ student could easily the triangle is what got the tap as it was much tighter than the armbar.

Fedor made two mistakes
1) DO NOT Jump into guard EVER. That's just really dumb especially when your opponent is a 2x World Champ(gi) and 3x ADCC champ. Hell, you don't do that against anyone who trains BJJ. Diving into guard gets you tapped period. Solution: LET them throw upkicks check them and pass the legs you get side control easy. There's a reason for that drill we all hated as white belts(Partner grabs one or both legs swings them one way bottom guy hip shifts and use their far foot to check the hip and then realigns themselves with their partner). I still hate that drill and I still suck at it, but the reason for it. People don't seem to get that a drill is never for one person and this is a prime example of that concept.

2) During Werdum's first transition to the armbar Fedor lifted his head, removed his arm and attempted to run around to side control this lack of pressure allowed Werdum to shift his hips, find the arm again and continue attacking. You MUST keep solid pressure when you pass. I have a rule for myself: Put so much pressure on that they let you pass. Solution: Leave your arm inside threading the hand to the far quad and push the legs AWAY as you pass to the side your head was on while pulling the head toward you thus the omoplata never happens. Both of these techniques are blue belt level at best and it's a shame someone who has been fighting as long as Fedor failed at them but that goes back to my point at the beginning of this post he never was technical.

Congrats to Werdum I've been a fan of his BJJ ever since I saw him destroy Matt Lindland some ADCCs('03 I believe) ago in a youtube video.(search Fabricio Werdum ADCC) His performance in 2009 made me an even bigger fan.

So that's it for now See you next time.


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